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When Suffering Interrupts Comfort

by: Jake Partridge

Jesus, our Firm Foundation, at this time we feel vulnerable. The experience of uncertainty and the reality of death have taken up residence in our lives. Cause these feelings of anxiety and uncertainty to breed in us a deeper compassion for those who daily face suffering at the hand of circumstances outside their realm of control. Let us feel conviction over the reality that thousands suffer from sickness, hunger, and thirst every day and we have been numb to it. Forgive us for caring about suffering in the world only when it interrupts our comfortable way of life. Forgive us also for the ways we show partiality to ourselves and our own tribes, believing that suffering is meant to live in the homes of others, but has no place knocking on our own front door. Even in this sobering realization – that none of us are immune to deep suffering – thank you that none of us is without your steadfast love, kindness, and deliverance. Truly, the ground is level at the foot of the cross. We desire to have eyes that see and ears that hear these realities so that we might love your world more broadly and take kingdom oriented risks when wisdom and opportunity allows us.


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