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New Road / New Opportunities

This past Tuesday, the church staff put on a taco lunch for the road construction crew working on Belding Rd in from of the church.  It was our way of demonstrating hospitality, saying thank you and making a connection.  In return we received some insider information.  The road crew tells us the traffic pattern may change as early as this Friday.  They will be moving to work on the North side of the road and church traffic will drive on the brand new pavement on the South side of Belding Rd.  Watch for new signs and traffic patterns.

Dr. Bob Kreitsch and Absalom Mueller have been affirmed as new elders by the BVC membership.  When you see them, please thank them for their willingness to serve the church family and God’s purposes.

If you had the opportunity to attend church at BVC this past Sunday (July 9th) you were treated to a very insightful, practical, and powerful sermon.  If you missed it, please take the time to listen to it online.  Go to the church website and click on the sermon link and give it a good listen.  “Free to Fight the Real Enemy”  – Ephesians 6:11-12


Pastor Mark

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