Theology of Worship

There are some key theological principles that help us in thinking about worship in the church:

 Worship is saturated with the Scriptures

You will find our worship services to be grounded on and saturated with Scripture. We aim for a rhythm of God’s revelation and our response. When we meet, we rehearse God’s greatness and work and then respond to Him with humility, brokenness, submission, joyful praise, and renewed commitment.

 Worship is centered on Christ

We can enter into God’s presence because of the work of Jesus. So you will find our gathering to be centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. He has made worship possible, and He is the focus of our praise.

Worship orients us toward community

We were saved into a body, a family of faith. We should definitely engage in private, personal worship, but worshiping God always leads us to a greater recognition and appreciation of and deeper fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is reflected in a variety of styles of music and other artistic expressions utilized during BVC’s worship services, reflecting both the rich history of our faith and the continual newness of God’s mercies.

Worship reflects and promotes a lifestyle

Our response to the living and written Word of God shouldn’t be only an event we attend weekly, but a lifestyle we engage daily. Our worship on Sunday morning should encourage us toward further obedience to God’s Word throughout the week.