Bridge Builders

"Bella Vista Church exists to help people Believe in Jesus Christ, Belong to a community of faith, 

and Become Christ's servants in the world."

In order to help people "belong to a community of faith," we also continually seek to become a community of saints.  One of the ways we want to do that is to make sure we have a mechanism whereby we can help each other. So, we as a community at Bella Vista Church want to gather some information.

One of the hardest things moving away from my hometown was that I no longer knew who to call when I needed help – if I wanted to learn to fish, I no longer knew who I could ask.  If I needed help making a budget, who did I know that could help me?  I'm sure I know someone who does siding, but who is that?  Do I know anyone who can play soccer with my friend's kid once or twice so the kid can decide if they actually want to play?  Who's likely to have rubber stamps I could use if I want to work on my scrapbook?  Do I know any dentists?  If I need to go dairy-free, who may be able to help me find recipes and learn how to shop dairy-free?

Anything you know about and would be willing to talk to another person about is fair game here!

Submit your info here. Or email, call, or write a note for our Ministries Director. Or stop by the Welcome Desk.

We encourage each person to do this – kids, adults, each person in a couple.

Is there something you're looking to receive help with?  Connect with our Ministries Director and we'll see if we can make a connection for you!

Feel free to chat with our Ministries Director about any questions!

More Information for you:

What you agree to (and don't) by giving us this info:

When you help us compile all this information, you agree that we can connect you with people from our church if they need help with an area you have expertise in.  We are not volunteering you to help – or to help for free!  If someone needs tax help and you do taxes for a living, you are still free to help them via your job.  You are not obligated to help them for free.  You are also allowed to not have bandwidth to help.

We are not planning to give your information to people outside of our congregation.  At the same time, if someone calls and asks the church if we have any quilters who could teach them to quilt, we may take their information and give it to you to see if you want to reach out to them.

What we'll do with the information:

We plan to house this information in Simple Church.  It will not be visible or searchable to the whole congregation at this time, but people can contact the church and staff members can help them look that information up. 

We may at some point make a printed copy of this "directory" available to people in our congregation.  I mean – it would be a fun way to get to know other people in our church, wouldn't it??