Advent 2023

This year, we are using the book Shadow & Light, by Tsh Oxenreider for our Advent readings.  We love this book because we think all ages (kids through adults) will value it.  It has ideas for hands-on ways to engage Advent, as well as suggested art and music to engage with each day.  We'll put the links to those things below.

It's important to note that we've written an adapted reading schedule for the book, though.  We'll be reading the content on each theme before the Sunday of that theme.

Here are the Sundays of Advent:

  • December 3: Hope
  • December 10: Faith
  • December 17: Joy
  • December 24: Peace

Tsh Oxenreider has paired each of those four words of advent with another word that echoes the theme: Hope & Expectation, Faith & Preparation, Joy & Anticipation, Peace & Gratitude.

Here's the schedule we'll be using to read through Shadow and Light

  • Starting on Sunday, Nov. 26 and up through Saturday, Dec. 2, read the pages for "Week 1" (Pages 33-48).
  • Starting on Sunday, Dec. 3 and up through Saturday, Dec. 9, read the pages for "Week 2" (Pages 49-64).
  • Starting on Sunday, Dec. 10 and up through Saturday, Dec. 16, read the pages for "Week 3" (Pages 65-80).
  • Starting on Sunday, Dec. 17 and up through Friday, Dec. 22, read the pages for "Week 4" (Pages 81-93). 
  • There is not a reading for Saturday, Dec. 23 in our reading plan.
  • Sunday, Dec. 24, read "Week 4, Christmas Eve" (Pages 94-95).
  • Monday, Dec. 25 read, "Christmas Day" (Pages 96-97).

We have bookmarks available with this reading plan printed on them if that helps you keep track.  Visit the Welcome Desk or contact Tami.

There are alternative Scripture reading selections that Tsh Oxenreider provides on pages 101-133.  Feel free to read about these in the introduction and make use of them if you desire.  She also has alternative or additional readings for the feast days that the global Church has historically celebrated available in the back of the book.  Feel free to read about these in the introduction and make use of them if you desire.

Here's a short video from when Brittany talked about our Advent readings:

We've imbedded Tsh Oxenreider's page on her website that includes the music and art links below.  But in case you'd rather open it directly in your browser, click this link or copy and paste it into your browser: