(6th-8th grade)

Sundays, 11:15am-12:00pm

Student join the church body for worship in the main auditorium, then are dismissed to the student center for activities and teaching.

Navigate is designed to help middle school students navigate three questions: Who is God? Who am I? Who are my friends? We usually do some sort of activity which reinforces the bible study. Once a month, we also hear a testimony from brothers and sisters within our church.


Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm

During the school year, we strive to develop strong relationships among students and leaders while guiding each other toward Christ. We try hard to make sure its fun and interactive; why would anyone want to go to school twice in one day? We spend time in groups to pray, do a quick devotion, and debrief the week, often spending the rest of the night doing activities. Come join us!


Extreme 5

On Extreme 5, our middle school students get to experience what God is doing in our very own backyard. We visit ministries within North Kent County, interact with other religions to learn what makes us different, and have fun camping out back in BVC’s property. This is an experience where students grow in their faith and have fun in the process. For 7th-8th grade students.