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Digging to the Savior – Lent Day 7

Wednesday, February 21


Digging to the Savior

Jennifer Hunter

Day 7—Read Mark 2


Helpless. He could do nothing to help these men digging in the tiles for him. As he looked down they slowly dug through the roof, until there was a hole.

Floating is unnerving. There is no power, no direction to choose. He sat there in mid-air, vulnerable to staring eyes, to falling’s pain, to life’s dangers, but he came closer and closer to the Teacher’s sandals.

There was a blur of commotion, of words. Jesus declared his sins were forgiven. Forgiven!

The Pharisees were angry. Who, but God, could forgive sins? It wasn’t a bad question. Jesus pointed His eyes at him. “What takes longer to say, your sins are forgiven, or take up your mat and walk?”

Who but God could heal?

Most of us stumble on our own two feet. Believing we are not crippled. Not in need of friends to dig our way to the Teacher. But are we right? We are made good, full, and holy. But we, at least I do, have a natural tendency towards sin. And when others sin against me, do I have Jesus’ compassion when I feel the darts of cruelty or harm-willed?

Who but God has the power to forgive sins? How do we forgive those who sin against us? How do we forgive ourselves for when we fail to reach God’s mark?

I may have two strong legs, but my heart is crippled. I need the church to dig my way through to my Savior. I need the Teacher, the God, to forgive my sins.


Take up


Your mat


And walk.

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