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Into the Unknown – Lent Day 4

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Into the Unknown

Jessie Montoya

Day 4—Read Mark 1

I’ve never been good with the unknown. I’m known for my planning and preparation, rather than my spontaneity. I remember as a sophomore in college, having friends decide on a Friday night that they wanted to take a last minute road trip up north to spend the weekend. I warred with myself about whether or not I should go. This was not what I had mentally prepared for. I had planned for a weekend on campus, doing homework. My brain could literally not rationalize choosing the spontaneous trip up north over what I already planned to do. So what did I do? I called my mother!

Not that calling your mother is a bad thing. In fact, in most cases if you’re ever in doubt – call your mother! But at 20 years old I felt I needed permission to choose spontaneity over what was planned. I couldn’t make that choice to step out into the unknown on my own.

In Mark 1, we read the story of Jesus calling His first disciples. From our post-resurrection point of view, we read about the disciples and wonder how could anyone pass up the opportunity to follow around the Savior of the world on His great adventures. But from their perspective – what did that look like? I’m sure that was not what Simon and Andrew had mentally prepared for – not the day, month, year, or LIFE they had imagined for themselves when they were casting those nets into the Sea of Galilee that day. Perhaps it wasn’t even the life Zebedee planned or wanted for his sons, James and John. But all Jesus had to say was, “Follow me”, and at once they left their nets – their plans, their family, their income – and followed Him.

I did go up north with my friends that weekend. And I had a great time. But I certainly didn’t make that decision at once. And I wonder, how many opportunities or adventures have I missed because I couldn’t say yes to the unknown? How many times has Jesus asked me to follow Him into the unknown, and I couldn’t trust Him enough to put down my own plans?

What opportunity or adventure is Jesus calling you to? Do you trust Him enough to lay down your net and follow Him?

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