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Faithful- Not Great or Powerful

Thursday, March 22

Faithful – Not Great or Powerful

Dennis Moles

Day 33Read Luke 21


It’s easy to become discouraged, especially when there seems to be such inequality and a lack of justice in the world. On a societal level we wonder why the good die young and nice guys finish last. And while this is often not the case, it does often feel true. On a personal level, we see people whose lives seem to be easier than ours and we wonder, “Lord, why do some people have plenty, while others just seem to squeak by? Why do some folks always seem to get ahead, while others struggle to make ends meet?”

These questions aren’t new. As a matter of fact they are persistent human quarries, often uttered by God’s people throughout the eons. How long, oh Lord, will we languish in Egypt? How long will we be captives in Babylon? How long will we have to wait for God to send us  a Messiah?

In Luke 21 Jesus’ Disciples are feeling the discouragement of living in this not-yet world where injustice, opulence, oppressive religion, and godless war-machines were sucking the hope from God’s people.

In this setting, Jesus reminds His disciples that it is not the size of the gift, but the heart of the giver that matters to God. He reminds His disciples that wealth, power, suffering, oppressive societal regimes, nor betrayal by those closest to you can derail or thwart God’s redemptive plan for this world.

While things might not always work out the way you or I want them to God still see us and loves us. He has a plan. And His plan is good. When times are dark or hard or stressful, may we be people who are faithful with what we have, not envious of what we don’t have. May we all, as the widow in this passage did, give out of our poverty for the glory of God and the furtherance of His kingdom.

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