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John – Lent Day 3

Friday, February 16, 2018


Mark Pietscher

Day 3—Read Luke 3

Who has been a John the Baptist in your life? Who has encouraged you to seek out God? Who has been the one to show you the way to Jesus? Were they an expected or unexpected person to be pointing the way to Christ?

The third chapter of Luke begins with the naming of those who were in political and spiritual authority of the land. But the call and the word of God came to an unknown, living not in the public eye or power, but the seclusion of the desert. Today, God still speaks and His voice still comes to His people from unusual places.

John the Baptist is the voice of one calling out. He is the arm pointing the way to the coming salvation. He is the hand, ringing the alarm bell to flee darkness and come into the light. John is the clear whisper, answering the “what should we do” to prepare ourselves. He is the stable feet carrying the good news – Christ is coming!

But John was not the Messiah. He knew two critical truths about this life; who he really was and who the Messiah really was. John did wonderful things for the Kingdom of God, but he knew his only source of real power was given him by Christ, the gift of His Holy Spirit.

Who has served as a John the Baptist in your life? Maybe write them a note, email, etc. and thank them for pointing you to Christ. Who are you, or can you, be a John the Baptist for in your circle of connections? Can you identify ways the Holy Spirit is showing Himself in your life?

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