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I Don’t Get It – Lent Day 27

Friday, March 16

I Don’t Get It

Carrie Stelma

Day 27—Read Mark 9


I don’t get it.”

Have you ever been afraid to admit to that statement? Maybe it was when the teacher explained the assignment, but you looked around and everyone else seemed to understand, so you didn’t raise your hand for help. Or maybe you were at work and you were given a task with no explanation, but you thought you should know how to do it, so you decided you would just figure it out on your own.

In Mark 9, the disciples didn’t get it either. They kept their fears to themselves, they didn’t ask questions, and instead of going straight to the source (Jesus), they discussed Jesus’s teachings amongst themselves and argued with each other about who was right. Yet Jesus chose these particular men for His ministry, not because they were perfect people, but because they had an eagerness to grow. As they finally asked questions, they overcame their fears and doubts.

Our Lord isn’t held hostage to our questions and doubts. It is an act of faith to admit our doubts and questions to Him. Sometimes, like the disciples, we are so eager to do His work, we don’t want to admit that we don’t understand what He is teaching us. God doesn’t expect us to have all the answers, or understand everything about His kingdom. He is inviting us to grow through our doubts and questions.

The next time you catch yourself thinking, “I don’t get it,” allow yourself a moment to stop and ask God for clarification. You might be amazed at how much more you grow.

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