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Persistence – Lent Day 26

Thursday, March 15


Allison Stevens

Day 26Read Luke 18


We have a 17-year-old dog who is the most persistent little canine. When she needs something, no matter what it is, she scratches the front door, and she won’t give up until she gets what she wants. I have a child or two like this, the difference being they don’t scratch the front door; the similarity is that they both have needs.

Jesus was concerned that His disciples ask for what they needed as He prepared them for His coming crucifixion and resurrection. He knew the days ahead were going to be difficult for them so He told them a story about a widow who continued to come before the judge asking him for justice from her enemy. Though not a God-fearing or compassionate man, he finally ruled in her favor, avoiding the persistent woman’s

If an unfair judge can give a favorable ruling, how much more will God, our just and loving Father, answer the prayers of His chosen ones who pray day and night?

Are you facing a situation where you are getting cut out of a deal to which you have every legal and moral right? Have you been hurt by someone and feeling the sting of injustice? Are you being accused by an enemy of something you didn’t do? Or maybe you’re dealing with a broken heart, crushed dreams, and don’t know where to turn.

Keep praying to your loving Heavenly Father, never ceasing to ask Him for the justice you desire and He will give it to you swiftly. We can come to Jesus, like little children, clamoring onto his lap, and talk to Him about anything because He cares for us. He tells us that “The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. You must enter… as a child.”

Children are persistent. They keep asking. They don’t give up, innocently running to Jesus, uninhibited. They have faith in things unseen and they believe in the impossible as their imaginations are alive and running all over the place. Let’s live like loved children…because we are.

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