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Around the Table – Day 22

Saturday, March 10

Around the Table

Sharen Kreitsch

Day 22Read Luke 14

The best celebrations take place around a table laden with delicious foods. In our home, the celebration begins with “circling up” for a prayer that concludes with a “squeeze of love” being passed around the circle. In our Tap Room you’ll find an oval wooden table. Its edges have been worn from years of leaning arms. The top has scratches made by little hands banging a rhythm with their silverware and toys. Around this table riotous laughter has sounded. People have been celebrated. It has soaked up tears of joys shared and burdens bared. The best sorts of things in life have occurred around this table.  It is a place of connection with people, thoughts, ideas and feelings. Best of all, God has shown up at this table. God has a way of “serving Himself up” at tables!  What is being “served up in this passage?

Jesus is serving up what is deeply on His heart in three conversational “courses.”  He uses parties, “table-events” if you will, to unfold His thoughts.

COURSE 1:  The seating chart for your event (14:7-11)
Be humble, be willing to go where you asked, not having to be the head of things or even among those who heading things up. Your host might honor you by moving you to a more honored place.

COURSE 2:  How to create an event guest list (14:12-14)
Invite those who can’t repay you.

COURSE 3:  Who to invite if no one responds to your first party invitation (Luke 14: 15-24)
Invite the poor, broken and marginalized to your celebration.

What’s being served in these “courses” shifts into a much larger context than just a party in verse 15! “A man declares: What a privilege it would be to get into the Kingdom of God!”

Use Luke 14: 7-24 to draw conclusions about getting into the Kingdom of God. From these verses, what could you say about the Kingdom of God on earth? From these verses, what could you say would be true about the Kingdom of God in the new heavens and earth?

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