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Prayer: A Language of Love – Lent Day 19

Wednesday, March 7

Prayer: A Language of Love

John Frye

Day 19Read Luke 11

Many people when asked about their prayer lives will confess that they feel guilt. “I don’t pray enough.” “I don’t use of the right words.” “I can’t pray in public.” What creates such great insecurity about this
foundational Christian practice?

Jesus’s disciples, too, must have felt inadequate. “Teach us to pray…,” they asked Jesus (Luke 11:1). These Twelve men were Jews raised in a praying Jewish culture. They prayed three times a day. What did they pray? Most content of Jewish prayers was from the Psalms. The Book of Psalms was “the prayer book of Israel.” They were praying men, but they felt a lack. Something in Jesus’s prayer life prompted them to ask for prayer help.

To encourage His disciples Jesus spoke a model prayer (“The Lord’s Prayer”) and told a story that urged them to go to God. Ask. Seek. Knock. The clincher reality was the emphasis that when the disciples prayed, they were praying to a good, good Father. Love, intimacy, and concern fill the Father’s heart for each of His own. The Father is committed to His children for good purposes, not fickle or evil.

What do we learn? Our prayer confidence increases not as we speak our inadequacies but as we keep focused on our good Father. Sometimes our deep, troubled sigh, silent but real, is a whole Psalm of love to the Father.

Pray on!

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