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The Greatness of Salvation – Lent Day 18

Tuesday, March 6

The Greatness of Salvation

Mark Pietscher

Day 18Read Luke 10


Do you recall what your first grateful thought was this morning? What brought you joy today?


Having been sent out to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, and bless others in the name of God the seventy-two disciples return to Jesus overjoyed at the success of their ministry. They reported with joy that even the demons and their power had submitted to them in Christ’s name.


Jesus responds to their reports by acknowledging the progress of their ministry and reaffirming the power of their authority (vv. 18–19). But then Jesus redirects them away from finding joy in their own strength or the success of their work. Jesus directs His children, disciples, community of servants to rejoice in something far more fundamental, namely, that our names are written in heaven (v.20) – in the Book of Life. Our free forgiveness based on the price Jesus paid at Calvary is the source of our true joy.


It is so easy to miss this truth because it is so easy to lean into outward success and power. They are not bad in themselves, but we tend to seek our satisfaction in them because they can fulfill the desires of our flesh. In many ways we are pulling up short in our journey of life when we find happiness solely in created things and not the Creator.


Those of us who have been Christians for a long time often forget the joy that comes when we first confessed Christ and realize that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Our Holy God proclaims us forgiven and then empowers us with His very Spirit to live as children of the King of Kings.


If you are finding it hard to rejoice in the Lord, take time today to consider the greatness of your salvation in Jesus and remember the profound benefits of being forgiven. If guilt is robbing you of your joy, this joy can be restored if we in humility ask God for the peace that assures us of our salvation once more (1 John 3:19-24).

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