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Hidden Truth – Lent Day 14

Thursday, March 1

Hidden Truth

Matthew Zoller

Day 14Read Luke 9

Sometimes I hide the truth from my children, after all…Jesus did! Twice in Luke 9 Jesus announces His death yet His disciples just didn’t get it. “It was hidden from them, so they did not grasp it…” This isn’t an isolated case—in the next chapter of Luke, Jesus actually praises God for hiding the truth from the Pharisees! And when asked why He used parables, Jesus explained that it was almost like a code that only some were to understand.

The idea that God would hide truth was puzzling to me, but I’m thankful that my two young boys teach me so much about God. I reflected on my own relationship as a father and realized that there are times when I find it good to keep some truths hidden. Like when I answered the question, “where do babies come from?” when they were three years old. These little ones wouldn’t grasp this truth from a scholarly, biological perspective. I taught them using concepts within their level of maturity and experience. I never taught untruths—like fables of a stork delivering a neatly bundled baby to prospective parents—but I also didn’t attempt to explain the complexities of biology.

Perhaps the disciples also lacked the maturity and experience to understand the reality that their Master must suffer and die? Maybe they were just stuck because they had preconceived ideas of the kingdom Jesus would establish? Or, could it be their self-absorbed ambition for political positions in this new kingdom? The Pharisees missed out on the truth because of their pride and hardness of heart.

This should bring us to consider ourselves. What truth is being hidden from us because of our preconceived ideas, self-centered ambitions, immaturity, or even hardness of heart?

Take time listening to the Holy Spirit, asking Him to reveal to you what truth may be hidden from you. When we come to Him with sincere and humble hearts our Father desires more than ever to open our eyes to who He is.

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