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Waiting on a Prayer – Lent Day 13

Wednesday, February 28

Waiting on a Prayer

Carrie Stelma

Day 13Read Luke 8


Have you ever felt like your blessing completely passed you by while God was busy helping everyone else but you? I imagine that’s how Jairus felt when he pleaded for Jesus to come heal his dying daughter, only to observe Jesus sidetracked by a bleeding woman and a curious crowd.

It must have been really frustrating for Jairus to know the dire urgency of his daughter’s situation, yet have to wait for Jesus to stop and talk to a woman who was healed just by touching the fringe of Jesus’s coat, and watch as the crowd pressed in on Jesus, preventing Him from moving fast enough to get to his daughter in time.

Then when Jairus learns of his daughter’s passing, he is callously told, “Don’t bother the teacher anymore.” It’s not hard to believe that Jairus might have felt like his one opportunity for a miracle passed him by because Jesus was busy helping everyone else. He just shouldn’t bother.

Yet Jesus heard; He shows Jairus that He is never too busy and no one bothers Him. In God’s perfect timing, Jairus witnessed not just the healing of his ailing daughter, but the astounding miracle of Jesus raising her from death. Had Jesus come earlier, Jairus would have missed this much needed opportunity for faith. Jairus’ blessing was so much more than he had asked for, and it came right on time.

If it seems like you aren’t being heard by God, when it appears like He’s answering the prayers of everyone else but you, remember that He has perfect timing. God’s blessing may not come when you want it, but it will come when you need it.


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