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An Act of Faith – Lent Day 12

Tuesday, February 27

An Act of Faith

Allison Stevens

Day 12Read Mark 5

A television host asked her guest how she continued to look so amazing, even in her mid-40s. The guest was an already beautiful woman, but plastic surgery altered her looks, betraying a desperate grip on her youth. She shouted proudly, “Women today aren’t limited by age, and we’re reclaiming our power!” The audience went wild with applause.

Mark 5 tells us about another woman who, for 12 years, suffered with a disease that caused her to bleed. She spent all of her money to find medical help, but the physicians seemed to make things worse. She cried with desperation, praying she would be healed.

When she heard about Jesus who cured the sick, she wiped her eyes, splashed water on her face and said, “If I could get close enough to him, to touch the hem of his garment, I know I will be healed!”

She walked, bleeding, exhausted, but determined to touch this gifted man of God. She pressed through the crowd, and reached as far as she could, touching his garment, just the edge. Instantly, her disease was gone, her bleeding stopped! She felt something different in her body, like when the grip of a terrific headache is released.

Jesus turned and asked, “Who touched my clothes?” He knew this person’s touch wasn’t accidental, an unplanned swipe of the arm. It was an intentional act of faith that drew power of renewal and healing from His body. She fell to her knees and told Jesus everything. Lovingly, He said, “Daughter, your faith healed you!”

The power of Jesus runs the gamut in Mark 5 as He changed three desperate lives, restoring a demon-possessed man, bringing a dead girl back to life, and healing a sick woman.

True power comes through the Holy Spirit, Jesus within us. If we live as if our power and influence come from our beauty, strength, or intellect, it will eventually drive us to despair because their sway is temporary at best. In desperate faith, reach out to Jesus today and believe that He can do all things, that He will heal, restore, rescue, and bring new life (2 Thessalonians 1:11).

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