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Your Faith Has Saved You – Lent Day 11

Monday, February 26

Your Faith Has Saved You

Max Colley

Day 11Read Luke 7

In Luke 7 we see a very active Jesus – demonstrating His power to heal, His power over death, and his power to forgive through three separate vignettes.

The first story is the healing of a Roman Centurion’s slave. The Elders wanted Jesus to heal him because the Centurion had been good to their nation, but Jesus instead was moved by the Centurion’s faith and humbleness. The Centurion didn’t even consider himself worthy to appear in front of Jesus, but recognized His power and authority saying, “But say the word, and my servant will be healed”.

In the second story, Jesus raises a young man from the dead and gives him back to his widowed mother. We are told that Jesus felt compassion on the weeping mother, touched the casket, and told the young man to rise. The stories that are recorded for us are only the tip of the iceberg of the healing that Jesus was evidenced doing. News of Jesus travels throughout Judea and the surrounding country, which prompts John the Baptist send his disciplines to ask Jesus if He is the Expected One. Jesus replies, saying, “Go tell John what you have seen and heard.”

The third story shows a woman, a sinner, coming into the Pharisee’s house where Jesus was dining. She washed His feet with her tears and her hair, and anointed Him with perfume. In the presence of those who condemned her, Jesus forgave her. This story shows us who Jesus really is. He alone has the power to forgive sins.

These stories all have a common thread – compassion. Jesus showed His compassion through the healing of a man because of the Centurion’s humbleness and faith. Jesus showed compassion on the grieving mother and gave her back her son. And He showed compassion on the sinful and condemned woman, forgiving her of her sins.

We, like the sinful woman, should live our lives in thankfulness for the compassion and mercy of our Savior. Jesus’ words to her still resonate with us today, “Your faith has saved you, go in peace.”

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