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Chaos – Lent Day 10

Saturday, February 24


Jessie Montoya

Day 10Read Mark 4

Waves are a powerful force. At times they can be peaceful, while other times they can bring destruction and chaos. Life is much the same. At times all is well and life seems easy. But at times life gets tough. Whether it’s a busy season of life, worry over finances, family issues, illness or injury, or depression, there are times when it’s all you can do to keep the boat afloat.

I am naturally a high-stress person. Someone who tries to fix all of her problems on their own. I easily fall in to the trap that I should be able to know all, do all, and be all to everyone around me. Sometimes God has to teach me the same lesson over and over again.

During one such season of my life, I felt lost, afraid, and unsure of the future. I was on a beach at the time, and I stood in facing the ocean, listening to the waves crashing in, feeling the squalls of life violently raging around me. Above the waves I heard, “Why are you trying to do this on your own?”

In Mark 4, the disciples were trapped among squalls and giant, destructive waves. Their boat was being tossed about and was nearly overtaken by the waves. Understandably, this caused them fear and stress. But they forgot who they had with them. They forgot they had access to the Son of God.

Jesus took one look at the waves around them and stilled them with nothing but a simple word. He turned to His disciples and said, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” They had seen Him heal people and perform numerous miracles, yet were still running around on deck trying to handle everything on their own. How much energy, stress, and fear could they have saved themselves if they had come to Jesus first instead of waiting until they were almost drowning?

How many times do I, like the disciples, forget who I have with me – that I have access to the Son of God? How many times do I wait until I’m nearly drowning before I run to Jesus for help?

I stood there listening to the waves crash, feeling the stress overtaking me, realizing I was again trying to live my life on my own. Standing there with my bare feet dug down into the sand, I surrendered it all – again – to my Savior. I laid all of my burdens, my stress, and my future at the foot of the cross.

What waves are you letting crash around you? What are you holding on to? Are you still trying to live life on your own? Do you still have no faith? Don’t forget that you have access to the Son of God – the One who can calm the storm with nothing but a word.

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