Each year in early October, Bella Vista Church celebrates missions through a long-standing tradition called Harvest Sunday. There is always a mission emphasis to the teaching that Sunday, and a special offering is taken to support designated mission projects. The selection of projects to be supported by the Harvest Sunday offering is based on a 3-year cycle. One year we support projects from our own missionaries, the next year we primarily support local ministries, and the third year we support international projects.

Our Harvest history is a rich one; it is shared here in the hopes that reading through BVC’s projects, focuses, speakers, and financial goals/disbursements will inspire readers to become vested in the next Harvest season, its projects and visions.

The BVC Missions Council sends heartfelt gratitude to all Harvest Speakers, planners, participants and financial donors; and together with all of the BVC Congregation gives Glory to God that BVC could work with the Body of Christ locally, nationally and around the globe to further the Kingdom of God.

During our current Harvest Season We will be focusing on Opening New Fields

Our sole focus will be on 4 new Harvest Partners entering missions.  All being sent from within Bella Vista Church.  Learn more about each of them by clicking the following link: Harvest Intro Email

Our Harvest Seasons for the Past Several Years:


Carm & Lsyle Johnson- Camp Michawana $5,800

For leadership training and cabin repair

David & Carol Ingersoll-Newark Christian School Field trips $4,100

This will enable staff to expand the focus of field trips in the coming school year

Edward & Barbra Mwansa – Church on the Rock building and BVC mission trip $17,000

adding floor and roof to church building and an opportunity for BVC  to join them in ministry.

PDI- Partners in Discipleship International $3,000

Sunday School Curriculum Translation



FMSC – Feed My Starving Children $ 22,000

Part of the funds needed for our pack on May 12, 2018

Centre Lumiere Sale:  $12,454

Centre Lumiere is a training center in Haiti that equips young Haitian women in spiritual and social development, leadership training, economic independence and life skills.


Dr. Dennis Moles & Pierre Houssney were our Harvest speakers.

AFLA– Life International in Africa $10,000.

$5,000 for the Life Fund for new African pregnancy centers to receive micro loans to create self sustaining incomes for their ministries.

FMSC– Feed My Starving Children $7,400

Part of the $22,000 needed for our food pack on April 29, 2017

Horizons Ministries– Reaching Muslim Refugees in Lebanon $9,600

Support of Sako Demerljian in his role as the Humanitarian Aid Distribution Assistant for Syrian refugees.

Haiti – Build a Church Roof in Haiti $8,000

Partner with a church in Haiti and put on the roof of a church building.


Sunday, October 4 and 11

Rev. Dr. Royce Evans and Mark Pietscher were our Harvest speakers.

Local ministries submitted proposals for our 2015 Harvest projects.

PRC STD Clinic – $6,000

Ciise Home – $6,000

Feed My Starving Children – $7,000

North Kent Community Services – Thrive $9,400

Bridge Street House of Prayer – Immersion Program Scholarships – $3,600

We raised $34,723 which was $2723 more than our goal of $34,000. These funds were used for the FMSC project.


Sunday, October 12 and 19

Our emphasis was on projects that support our missionaries and/or the ministries where they work. Denny Spitters from Pioneers was the speaker. On Sunday October19 Dan Rudman, our missionary with Ambassadors for Christ Int’l was our speaker. The missionaries or a representative did a presentation at the Missionary Appreciation Tour on October 18. We had our Harvest lunch on October 19.

Goal: $42,000

Awabdy – $3,500 toward moving to their destination country

Carlson – $3,000 Ministry fund to aid Czech and Itailian churches

Henry – $10,000 Word Made Flesh and World Hope initiative to address woman’s rights and protection issues in Sierra Leone

Ingersoll – $3,000 Ministry Fund in Newark, NJ

Johnson – $6,000 toward a new vehicle

Larson – $5,500 to buy traveling apple i-pads for Newark Christian School

Loosenort – $3,000 roof repairs

Rudman – $8,000 materials for a new roof


Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Harvest projects supported international organizations.Matt Zainia from Blythfield Baptist Church was the speaker for the first Harvest Sunday. On Sunday, November 10, Tat Stewart from SAT-7 PARS was the speaker. We had our Harvest lunch on November 3.

Goal – $55,000

Project Emphasis – International Ministry

Set Free Water Buffalo in India – $2,000

Set Free Medical Equipment – $20,000

Life International sponsor a training of church pastors $15,000

SAT-7 support the TEACH program for Arab believers – $15,000


Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 Harvest focused on Local Mission Projects. Alf Clark, director of Urban Family Ministries was the speaker the first Sunday of the Harvest Offering Sunday, November 4. Omar Garcia, Mission Pastor of Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas was the speaker the second Harvest Offering Sunday, November 11. Bikes were collected for Freedom in Motion on Saturday, November 10. A luncheon was provided on November 11, catered by Cyril Mayne.

Goal: $45,000

Project emphasis – Local Evangelism

Urban Family Ministries – discipleship materials $12,000

Freedom in Motion – startup funds $5,000

Creston Plaza – support our BVC youth ministry there $3,000

PRC – thumbdrives for clients to have a picture of their ultrasounds and educational materials $9,000

Urbana – scholarships to send students to Urbana $11,000

Campus Crusade – support Rockford and Northview high school programs $5,000


Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 Harvest focused on our missionaries and a project to support each of the ministries. Laura Cronin, BVC Director of Missions, spoke the first Sunday, November 6 and Special Guest and former Bella Vista missionary, Henry Cooper, spoke the second Sunday of the Harvest Offering . On Saturday, November 12 we had an event called Meet Your Missionary World Tour and each missionary decorated a room and people visited each and heard about what God is doing around the world. On November 13 a luncheon was provided and catered by Cyril Mayne.

Goal: $54,000

Each missionary received a personal gift of $1,000 and $5,000 toward a project to benefit their ministry

Ballast – Education of future leaders of their church plant

Carlson – Conference and travel cost for church planting ministry

Cool – Expand satellite locations for Missionary Training Program

Henry – General support for developing young leaders

Ingersolls – Outreach materials and worship equipment for Spanish church plant

Johnson – Construction project at Christian youth camp

Larson – Renovate music room for inner-city Christian schoo

Loosenort – Outreach materials for evangelism and discipleship ministry

Rudman – general support for evangelism and discipleship ministry


Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 Harvest focused on International Ministries and on Poverty. Special Guest , Tony Morales, a Compassion Leadership Development Student spoke the first Sunday of the Harvest Offering, and we had a service of Reflection and Commitment the second Sunday, November 14. On Saturday, November 13 we packed 100,000 meals for Feed My Starving Children. A luncheon was provided on November 7, and catered by Cyril Mayne.

Goal: $55,400:

Project emphasis – International

Water: Living Water International: Money for two wells to be dug in Honduras

Food: Feed My Starving Children: Money to pack 100,000 meals

Education: Compassion Leadership Development Student scholarship for one student for four years of schooling

Work: Money to start a chicken ranch for the Maternity Home in Kitwe, Zambia


Sunday November 1, 2009

2009 Harvest focused on Local Mission projects. Sunday, November 1 Fouad Masri, founder of Crescent Project, spoke for the first Sunday of the Harvest Offering. John Booy, Potter’s House principal, was the speaker for the second Sunday of the Harvest offering, November 8. The luncheon was held on Sunday, November 1 and catered by Cyril Mayne.

Goal: $55,000

Project emphasis – Local Evangelism

$12,500 Potter’s House a class of student scholarships

$12,000 Teen Bible Challenge – hire a person to coordinate teams at Mel Trotter, D.O.C.K. and inner city churches

$10,000 Cradles of Grace – person to recruit, train and oversee house parents for single pregnant woman in unplanned pregnancy

$7,500 Urbana scholarships for our students

$8,000 United in Christ Ministries – van

$5,000 Dan Henry support – missionary to Sierra Leone


Sunday, November 2, 2008

2008 Harvest focused on BVC missionaries. Special Guest Dave Livermore spoke the first Sunday of the Harvest Offering, while Dan Rudman spoke the second Sunday, November 9th. A luncheon was provided on November 9th, and catered by Cyril Mayne.

Goal: 65,000:

Personal Gift to each missionary family ($2,500 each/$25,000 total)

Church Expansion Project-Philippines ($20,000)

Spanish Language School for Ingersolls ($8,000)

Updates to the World Impact’s Newark Christian School Library ($8,000)

Outreach Packets for Oasis teams serving with Crescent Project ($4,000)


Sunday, November 4, 2007

2007 Harvest Sunday focused on international missions. Special guest George Verwer, Founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilization spoke at both the 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services, followed by a donation based international lunch, catered by Cyril Mayne. Sunday, November 11, 2007

Harvest Sunday activities continued with special guest speaker and BVC missionary to the Philippines, Mike Ballast at both the 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services. The Bella Vista Church Missions Advisory Council also announced the 2008 short-term mission trips and the 2007 Legacy Award recipient.

Goal: $60,000 – Exceeded by 6.6% for a total amount raised of $63,960!

Project emphasis – International

Zambia ($17,880)

India ($10,000)

China ($12,000)

Chile ($18,500)


Sunday, November 5, 2006

Guest Speaker: Shirin Taber – Uncovering myths and creating friendships with the local Muslim community

Goal: $60,000

Project emphasis – Local Evangelism

Camp Michawana ($10,500)

PRC ($15,000)

Potter’s House ($12,500)

Life International ($12,000)

Habitat for Humanity ($10,000)


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Guest Speakers: Johan Candelin – World Evangelical Alliance & Kurt C. Loosenoort- YWAM

Project emphasis – International – Focus this year was our own BVC missionaries and a project helping the persecuted church.

Goal: $78,000 goal was not reached. Amount received was $57,196

BVC Missionaries ($36,000)

IDOP ($3,500)

Life International ($3,500)

Set-up Funds for Mueller’s ($7,000)

Jesus Film Ethiopia Project ($5,000)


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Guest Speaker: Marilyn Laszlo, Wycliffe Bible Translator

Goal: $77,000 goal was reached and surpassed by $1,855

Project emphasis – International – Focus this year is on least reached areas of the world. Some projects include expenses for BVC team involvement.

Mission India ($20,000)

Outreach, Inc ($15,000)

Gideon Bible Distribution ($15,000)

Jesus Film Project ($15,000)

Ethiopian Guji Evangelists ($12,000)

Charity Mission ($1,855)


Sunday, November 2, 2003

Guest Speaker: Dr. Virgil Gulker, Founder of Love INC and Kids Hope USA

Goal: $75,000 goal was reached

Project emphasis – Local Ministries or Worldwide – Ministries headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Life International ($15,000)

North Kent Service Center ($15,000)

Pregnancy Resource Center ($15,000)

New Focus ($10,000)

Outreach Inc ($10,000)

Habitat House ($5,000)

Expenses and returned gift from Creation House ($5,000)


Sunday, November 10, 2002

Guest Speakers: BVC Missionaries, Mike Ballast (morning service) & Dan Rudman (afternoon seminar). BVC Missionaries who presented their ministries in the afternoon seminar breakout sessions were Mark Bennet and Kurt Loosenort (“Sharing Your Faith”), Steve and Martha Larson along with Dave and Carol Ingersoll (“Realities of Inner City Ministry”), Dale and Sheryl Dalman (“Ministry in a Politically Tumultous World”).

Goal: $80,000. $76,000 was actually collected

Project emphasis – Various BVC Missionary projects.

Offering was disbursed to the BVC Missionaries.


Sunday, November 11, 2001

Guest Speaker: Don Richardson, Author of Peach Child and Eternity in their Hearts. BVC Missionaries Henry Cooper from Bolivia also presented his ministry.

Goal: $84,000 was offered, exceeding the $80,000 goal set

Project emphasis – International

Mission India, Children’s Bible Clubs (www.missionindia.org)

Hope for Nepal Small Business Development for Churches

Mobile Bible Institute in Nicaragua

Revival Support, IRIS Ministry, Revival Support, in Mozambique (www.irismin.org)

Life International, Pregnancy Resource Centers around the world


Sunday, November 5, 2000

Guest Speaker : Dr. Sam Vincent. BVC Missionaries who presented their ministry were Mike and Sherri Carlson from Italy, Dan and Arlene Cool from Paraguay, and Carm and Lysle Johnson from Pine Ridge Bible Camp.

Goal : $75,000 was reached

Project emphasis – Local

Kindred Spirit, Building project at a home for disabled

Exodus Ministry, Support for the ministry to ex-prisoners

Servant’s Center, After school tutoring program

Ethiopia Guji People, BVC team built an Evangelism Training Center

India, Gideon Bible distribution to students