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Formation Happens Today

Spiritual formation is unique to each person. Its practices and roots are ancient but its application is ALWAYS in the present tense. It never happens “tomorrow”. And we cannot count on its past formative realities to carry us forward. Spiritual formation necessarily takes place today.  It is not managed but embodied. It is not achieved as much as it is relentlessly pursued.

Being formed spiritually does not happen in an 8-week class; as the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” neither is a life transformed quickly, easily, and without the Spirit’s power. Spiritual formation is a life-long pursuit accomplished one day at a time as we agree with the Holy Spirit’s work of alignment and sanctification.

If many years of following Christ have taught me anything it is that following Him is, at times, not easy. This journey is filled with failure, frustration, struggle, and mess. For me the question has never been a question of “if” as much as “when”. I will struggle, I will fail, and I will make messes from time to time but the persevering, justifying, sanctifying, glorifying triune God up to the task of cleansing, healing, and making all things new.

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