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For Re-imagining Our Thwarted Kingdom-Oriented Desires

by: Jake Partridge

Lord Jesus, some of us are also disappointed that our plans for the foreseeable future have been thwarted. We had plans to travel, to engage in ministry opportunities that you have provided, and to carry out the tasks that you have called us to. God, in these moments, we feel as though your own plans have been frustrated. As we grieve the loss of these opportunities, help us to remember that we “do not know what tomorrow will bring,” that we are “a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” You are the only one who holds the future and you are not surprised. Jesus, redeem our thwarted desire for growth and forward movement in your kingdom and teach us to advance your kingdom work in the spaces we already inhabit. Help us to learn contentment and to re-imagine how to live on mission in our daily spheres of influence. Thank you that you redeem our sorrows and grief and use them to inspire new avenues for service in your kingdom. Finally, thank you that though you are not surprised you are also not unfeeling. You are a Man of Sorrows who is acquainted with grief and suffers alongside of us in our disappointments.

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