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A Prayer For Meeting The Needs Of Others

Lord Jesus,

We acknowledge that you are Lord over all that you have made. You hold the first place in your creation and in your church and we pray that you would hold first place in our hearts and homes during this bizarre and confusing time.

 For Meeting the Needs of Others 

Help us to follow you, Jesus, by walking into places that many others would be tempted to walk around. And as we put walls around ourselves to protect from infection, may our motivation be love for the vulnerable around us rather than self-preservation, for you tell us that whomever would seek to keep his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for your sake and the gospel’s will find it. Jesus, help us to see our neighbors with eyes of compassion, and to consider the ways that you have put us in a position to meet the needs of those in our communities. Where families are caught between the need to provide daily supervision and care for their kids and the need to work to continue supplying their family’s basic needs, help us to be the first to step in. Where vulnerable populations are caught between the need to leave home to shop for supplies and the need to protect their health, help us to be the first to offer our services. Let us in this time, look not only to our needs, but to the needs of those around us by giving of our time and our finances. By doing so, we desire to follow your perfect example.

Jesus, help us to be doers of your word, and not hearers only. Let us not have faith only, but may our faith be proven genuine by our works. Let us not say to the families and individuals in need “warm yourselves and feed yourselves,” but instead offer them our time, resources, and services in Jesus name. Remind us that services to those in need are actually services to you. Remind us also that you love a cheerful giver and that we do not need to have an abundance in order to practice generosity. May the fruit of your truth in our lives lead to greater assurance in our hearts that we are your children and a greater testimony to the world that you care for them.

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