Both large group (Sunday morning) and small group gatherings are important environments for us as we love God and others. In small groups we hope to grow in godliness as we encourage one another in the context of loving, caring, committed relationships. Here we study the Bible together, pray together, serve one another and serve those outside of our groups.

What types of groups are available?

Short Circle Groups Beginning Sept. 10

What is a short circle?

Short circle is a small group that meets for a predetermined period of time.  This fall Bella Vista Church will be starting four new discussion based small groups.  Each will meet for 10 weeks through the fall.  The discussion questions will come from the book “Surprise the World” and the fall sermon series Blessed Rhythms.


When will they meet?

September 10-November 15, 2017 Wednesday or Sunday evenings from 6:30-8pm


Where will they meet?

We are encouraging the newly formed short circles to meet at the church in one of the more home-like rooms.


Who can be involved?

Anyone, but specifically those who are new to Bella vista church, have children who are involved with the Wednesday or Sunday evening youth programming, or are not currently in a small group.


Group makeup and leadership:

Each group will be made up of between 10-15 individuals.  Two “slots” will have been preselected: a facilitator and a host.  Each group will, at their first meeting select a prayer coordinator.


Sign up to be a part of this church wide series HERE

 (include if you want to be a part of the Sunday or Wednesday groups)

Fellowship Dinners – Short-term, "get acquainted" groups meeting once a month for three or four months.

Home Groups – These groups meet regularly in homes for the purpose of nurturing and building up group members to maturity in the faith. We have Small groups available for women, men, families & couples. Home groups also make serving others outside of the group a priority.

To find out more about small groups or to get involved, call the church office (874-7727).